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Made with fresh seasonal ingredients, Steak Pomodoro is a pasta that is perfect for summer

by Joel Steingart | June 28, 2020
Made with fresh seasonal ingredients, Steak Pomodoro is a pasta that is perfect for summer

Three of my favourite parts of summer are fresh tomatoes, fresh basil, and steak on the barbecue – so naturally when you have a recipe that combines all 3 you make it!

When you make pasta pomodoro you want to make tomato the star of the dish and this recipe does just that! The balsamic vinaigrette goes perfectly with the acidity of the tomato, peppery basil and spicy onion which makes it the perfect complement to tie everything together. I love the idea of steak and pasta! Steak and pasta are not often ingredients that I think of together but the flavour combination of the sauce suits steak perfectly.

This recipe is a bit rustic in it’s approach. You don’t need to concern yourself with too fine of a chop on the onion or tomato. I like to ensure that everything is diced similar in size to cook evenly. As the liquid of the tomato and balsamic vinaigrette reduces slowly it will absorb into the tomato and onion. This brings about so much flavour.

How you treat the steak is entirely up to you. I like to dice about half to three quarters so I can mix it in with the pasta. With the remaining steak, garnish each plate with thin strips, about a quarter of the sauce, Parmesan cheese and plenty of chopped basil.

In the midst of summer when you are craving pasta but it’s too hot for heavy food, this steak pomodoro pasta is the perfect option! The highlight of the meal is the fresh ingredients. It’s the perfect dish if you can get to a farmers market or better still grab some tomato and basil from the backyard. As with anything the fresher the ingredients the better and with this pasta that couldn’t be more true!